The weight loss supplement market is full of many new products and it can be hard to distinguish those that work from those that don’t. Luckily, this article will make it easy for you to choose supplements that will work best for you.

Here are 4 natural weight loss supplements that you need to know.

1. Mango Seed Fiber
African mango seed is a hot new weight loss supplement that has hit the market recently. It is gaining in popularity and has been featured on Dr. Oz show for its weight loss properties. The fiber contained in the African mango seed has been used in Africa for many years for weight loss. In Africa, the African mango seed is also used both as an antibiotic as well as for relieving pain. Even though it is still in the research phase, many people have enjoyed success using the supplement.

2. Chitosan
Chitosan is a virtually unknown supplement that is a fiber from chitin. Chitin comes from the shells of shellfish, crustaceans, and bugs. Even though chitosan might sound less than appealing, it is prescribed regularly by holistic therapists for decreasing patients’ cholesterol levels. Currently, it is being pushed as a fiber to help in the absorption of excess fat.

3. Glucomannon
Glucomannon is a very effective treatment for the regulation of blood sugar, management of diabetes, and aiding in weight loss. It is in fact a fiber that comes from an Asian plant known as Konjac. In Asia, Glucomannon is used as a food and is prepared in a variety of ways. The fiber helps to suck up water in the digestive system and helps to lower the level of cholesterol as well as lowering /preventing the absorption of carbs. Available research supports the supplement being used for weight loss.

4. Beta Glucan
Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber extracted from yeast, algae, and mushrooms. It is known to help in the lowering of cholesterol levels in the body. It can also aid in the control of diabetes and aids in weight loss too.

The 4 natural weight loss supplements discussed in this article are some of the most highly rated ones available for purchase in the market currently. The supplement industry is both massive and confusing and it is important to avoid wasting time and money on products that simply don’t work. Instead, trust one of the 4 natural weight loss supplements above to supplement your weight loss efforts.

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